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Mission Statement

To improve the quality of life of persons with hearing impairment through education, inclusion and integration of sign language in various aspects of society.

Vision Statement

At Sign With Us, our vision is to be the leading institution in Africa offering Sign Language and Disability inclusion training for all the sectors across the continent.

Our Core Values

At Sign with us, we are committed towards ensuring inclusion of people with hearing impairment in all aspects of society and to ensure that they receive services as any other citizens. We believe the following 5 core values will enable us to meet these goals:

  1. Diversity – At Sign with us, we believe that each of us is gifted differently and has something unique to offer in the betterment of the immediate environment and the world as a whole.
  2. Be the change you seek- At sign with us, we believe in what we do. Every individual in the organization is geared towards achieving inclusion in their immediate environment in and out of work to be a good ambassador by giving people with disabilities an equal chance in all aspects of life.
  3. Innovation- The world is constantly changing and this presents new challenges even for the persons with disabilities. At Sign with us, we are committed towards ensuring any technological or any other advancement consider people with disabilities in all aspects.
  4. Integrity – At sign with us, we are committed towards honesty, transparency and accountability in all the operations of the organization
  5. Corporate Social Responsibility- Sign with us believes that the more people are educated about people with disabilities, the more they will understand how to better live with them in society. Sign with us intends to sensitize the public from time to time on how to live and communicate effectively with people with hearing impairment.  


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Director's Story

Having grown up with Deaf parents, I listened to my father narrate to me how difficult it was for him to be in a family of hearing parents and siblings and no one to understand him. My grandmother narrates how she thought he was “hard-headed” because he never listens! Wouldn’t respond when he’s called, and to them that seemed like a rude child who needed thorough beatings till he towed the line. Amidst all the chaos, he was taken to a hearing school and it is then that a teacher after moving him around the class to the front so he can keep monitoring him since he never listens realized he may be Deaf! They took him to an assessment center where indeed he was found to be profoundly Deaf. This is the level that if he was in a house and a helicopter landed outside, he wouldn’t hear. I think it is safe to say then that we all, including my grandmother do not know if he was born Deaf, or if he lost his hearing at some point.

My mother’s case is different. She and my grandmother remember very well how and when she lost her hearing. She got measles when she was 8, and she lost her hearing from the heavy medication. They tell me the measles from the 60s was insane. One of my uncles lost his eyes too from that outbreak.

When I look at the two scenarios and how both of my parents grew up, the opportunities that were accorded to them and how it contributes to who and what they are to this date, there’s a huge difference because for instance, my father feels it was really tough that he couldn’t share much because of the communication barrier. My grandparents too didn’t know much of what to do, and so up to this day, the communication has been gestures. He also detached himself from the family and had to survive majorly by himself. On the other hand, my mom’s dad, my grandfather supported her up to helping her get a job as a Chef at Jumuia resort, that time it was known as NCCK conference center. Though my maternal grandparents never learnt sign language, they tried to give mom a good life by ensuring she’s not dependent on them because up to this day, opportunities for persons with disability are still scarce, so you can imagine in the 80s when the attitude towards disability was so negative.

The reason I am doing this project is to ensure that none of the Deaf kids in today’s society miss out on being kids and siblings because of communication. I have interacted with hundreds of kids who have been taken advantage of in the society because they are not able to express themselves to their parents. I want to teach parents sign language, so that they are actively involved in their Deaf kids’ lives. That is the reason we have the Sign language bootcamps that should happen all over the country with your help.

Remember, lots of Deaf kids come from poor back grounds, most of these parents/guardians do not have the luxury of paying for a sign language course. Help me take it to them by donating both in cash and kind. In our own little ways, we will spread sign language all over the country and help build up the esteem of children who are Deaf by having them in a community that speaks their language.

If you are a professional and offer public services; Doctors, nurses, bankers, teachers, policemen, this course is for You!

Welcome aboard and let’s change the world in our own little way.

Njeri Muchina
Sign With uS