Learn Sign Language Skills

Learn Sign Language Skills

Hand movements, hand shapes as well as facial expressions and lip patterns in order to demonstrate what people want to say.

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Get to Learn at  Your Own Pace

Get to Learn at Your Own Pace

We are committed towards ensuring any technological or any other advancement consider people with disabilities in all aspects

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Learn From Industry Experts

Learn From Industry Experts

At sign with us, we are committed towards honesty, transparency and accountability in all the operations of the organization

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We Are Africa's Leading Sign Language Institution

At Sign with us, we are committed towards ensuring inclusion of people with hearing impairment in all aspects of society and to ensure that they receive services as any other citizens.

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Introduction to Deafness and Deaf culture

The course is about the basics of Who is a Deaf person, the dos and don’ts when communicating to them.


The Alphabet

The objective of the lesson is for the learner to learn the Deaf Alphabet as it is the most important part of Sign Language.